So what does a girl do after she wins an award for her writing?

She goes to the grocery store to get a whole boneless ribeye, and a bag of my dog’s kibble (both on sale) before they were all gone. Yep. That’s my glamorous life.

The award I won was the HOLT Medallion, and I’m still having to pinch myself to believe it because one of my favorite Regency authors was in the category with me, and I couldn’t believe she didn’t win. It is an honor to win a HOLT Medallion and I will cherish that moment forever.

But there is no time to relax and enjoy anything—not right now—because I’m on another deadline. You see I have to turn in Marcus’ book to my editor on 9/15/19. That’s right around the corner for me, and I have so much left to do! I do write from a comprehensive outline, but admittedly the story doesn’t usually end the way I have planned (even though they always start out the same as the outline!) 😉

There is also a brand-spanking-new website that should be live if you’re reading this. It might not be fully complete yet. There will be Books pages in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and other languages as I have translations done.
And the store! I’ll be selling my signed paperbacks directly, and maybe a few other goodies along with them in gift sets. 😀

If you like the website you should drop me a message and I’ll let Ashley and Eugenia know. They are the ones doing the bulk of the work for this, and I love what they’ve done so far. I think the site looks fresh and reveals a little more of my personality. You will continue to see pics of my animals and the farm (I hope you like that) and I will do my best to keep blogging here more often.

Until next time…
Sandy Raven
HOLT Medallion Winner for Best Book by a Virginia Author
(And I promise to only post it once, I don’t like to brag and I’m being told I need to for this.)

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