Fated Love


Book One (A Caversham Chronicles Novel)

This Deluxe Version of Fated Love includes the prequel short story What the Fates Decree, and a post-story short story How the Fathers Made it Happen from the three father’s points of view on the eve of giving their daughters away.

WHAT THE FATES DECREE is a transition short story setting up the next two books in The Caversham’s Chronicles, Fated Love, and To Waltz with a Dark Lord.

Lia, Duchess of Caversham, must convince her sister-in-law, the Elise, Countess of Camden, to allow their daughters to go to Scotland without them to attend a house party and fox hunt given by their friend, Lady Adina Ross-Gordon, Countess of Rathcavan. Lady Adina is the grandmother of the new Earl of Rathcavan, and aunt by marriage of Lady Beverly, the best friend of both Lia and Elise.

Lady Adina would like to see her grandson settled in marriage before she dies. Beverly reluctantly brings her daughter to Scotland, doing so at the urging of her husband. She doesn’t want to though as one of the young men in attendance is the man who broke her daughter’s heart.

In FATED LOVE an invitation arrives for a hunting party in Scotland, Lady Charlotte, Miss Penelope, and Lady Isabel grow excited about the opportunity to ride with their hostess, Penelope’s great-aunt, the renowned equestrienne Lady Adina, Countess of Rathcavan. Lady Adina was using this event to bring these three particular young ladies to Lyden to play Cupid for her grandson the new Earl of Rathcavan, and his friends. 

Just as love is blossoming there is a freak accident bringing the ladies’ parents to Lyden. Once there, the three grooms waste no time asking for permission to marry from the three fathers. And the three brides decide they want to share a wedding day because of their love for each other and their husbands—A love they believe had been fated from the moment of their birth.

HOW THE FATHERS MADE IT HAPPEN:  Giving your only daughter away in marriage isn't easy for a father to do. Even when the man about to become your son-in-law is an earl, the cousin of an earl, or the nephew of another earl. 

Christopher Fenwicke, Viscount Huddleston, spent most of his daughter's life away from her and in service to the crown. When he discovers the young translator in his employ on his current mission is in love with his daughter, he is angry at not knowing this beforehand and destroys their letters. But the young man saves Christopher's life not for Christopher's sake, but for his daughter's. When he is recovering, Christopher decides to use his aunt's upcoming seventy-fifth birthday celebration to bring the heart-broken lovers back together. To do this in the manner he thought befitting of his daughter and the heroic young man who saved his life, Christopher needed the help of two of his good friends—the duke of Caversham, and the earl of Camden. 

Three daughters attend what turns out to be an intimate house party, and soon all three fathers are giving their daughters in marriage to three extraordinary young men—hopefully to produce the next generation for their families.

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