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Titans of the Revolution

A Caversham Chronicles Continuation

To Waltz with a Dark Lord

Book Two of The Titans of the Revolution

Book Six, TO WALTZ WITH A DARK LORD is Marcus' story. All I will say here, is that he does NOT ascend to his father's title at the end. I've started to work on his plot and am doing my character sketches. I haven't named the heroine for Marcus yet. I just haven't come across one that works in my head for this story. Her name has to be special because she is going to bring Marcus out of a very dark time in his life. That's all I can say about this story for now. As I update the website and I advance on this plot I'll post more. Promise! 🙂

Christopher's Story

Book Three of The Titans of the Revolution (currently untitled)

I have a loose plot right now and am happy with what I have so far. Can't really say much except think, reverse governess, a young nobleman in hiding.