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What the Fates Decree

A Short Story. (This will be released in The Caversham Chronicles Boxed set later this summer/early fall.)

This story is the segue into the next series. This is what happens when three mothers of three strong-willed young ladies decide their daughters should be settling down now after three seasons of leading the young men of le bon ton a merry chase. Time to take matters into their own hands and give their girls a little free rein to find love.

Fated Love

Book One of The Titans of the Revolution

Book One, FATED LOVE, is three stories told in one novel-length book with a common ending. This is what I'm currently writing and I'm having fun with it! This the story of those three infant girls christened at the end of Already His, now all grown up. The three young ladies attend a house party/fox hunt after the end of their third season, all bemoaning the fact that there are no available, good men out there that they want as a spouse. You see, all three were promised by their parents that they could marry for love, but all potential spouses were to be approved by their parents before committing. Unfortunately, the men targeted by these three tempting vixens didn't get that memo. And there's rugby. Sweaty, sexy men playing rugby. Yes, they were playing rugby in 1842. Go look it up!

Christopher's Story

Book Three of The Titans of the Revolution (currently untitled)

I have a loose plot right now and am happy with what I have so far. Can't really say much except think, reverse governess, a young nobleman in hiding.

The Titans of the Revolution

A Caversham Chronicles continuation

To Waltz with a Dark Lord

Book Two of The Titans of the Revolution

Book Six, TO WALTZ WITH A DARK LORD is Marcus' story. All I will say here, is that he does NOT ascend to his father's title at the end. I've started to work on his plot and am doing my character sketches. I haven't named the heroine for Marcus yet. I just haven't come across one that works in my head for this story. Her name has to be special because she is going to bring Marcus out of a very dark time in his life. That's all I can say about this story for now. As I update the website and I advance on this plot I'll post more. Promise! 🙂

And, because more than a few people have asked for it...

Harry and his friends will have one book--kind of like what I'm doing with the FATES right now. There's no Book Number for this. I have no idea how to number it. In fact, because this book will go backwards in time (because Harry was Amelia's brother) it will probably come before Christopher's book. I have a plot for Harry and his friends, in fact, I have more of this plotted than I do Christopher's story. I've kind of combined the ugly ducklings I talked about elsewhere with this. It fits and works PERFECTLY. This is another one of those stories that I've always wanted to give the hero a happy ending. And the story was inspired by a song by one of my absolutely all-time favorite musicians in the world, Mike Oldfield. Not telling which song yet because I kind of want to see if anyone can figure it out. (And it's not On Horseback, either!) 😀

So, by my estimation, since I'm not the fastest writer, I will be busy for a couple of years at least!