The Valentine Gift


A Caversham Chronicles Novella Book 0

Lady Caroline and her husband have been trying to conceive a child since the day they married. Raised an only child, she always wanted to one day have a large family. Trey agreed to give her as many children as she desired, knowing it might be impossible.

Captain Reginald "Trey" Wilson had a devastating secret he has been keeping from his wife. He married her knowing he is unlikely to ever sire children because of his injury in the war. When his good friend, Viscount Huddleston, comes to him with the name of a doctor, and researcher, with a new piece of equipment that allows the man to see living cells, Trey knew he had to see that physician immediately.

In Edinburgh to visit this man, Trey learns that it is unlikely he would ever sire a child. Later that night he comes upon a fellow officer, Corporal Graham, from his time in the army. They spoke of old times renewing their friendship, and after a few drinks Trey confides the profound sadness he will be forced to bring to his wife. Graham said his sister was the administrator of an orphanage, and upon Graham’s invitation, Trey agrees to meet with the woman.

That one meeting changes Trey and Caroline's lives forever as they adopt seven abandoned sisters.

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