The Caversham Chronicles – The Beginning: Full Boxed Set



The Caversham Chronicles - The Beginning: Full Boxed Set

This is where it all started. One family defining honor, finding love, and building a family.

MISS AMELIA LANDS A DUKE, The Prequel Novella ~ Spinster Amelia is a companion to her aunt when she finds herself deflecting a potential scandal by accepting a marriage proposal from the widowed eighth duke of Caversham. The affection and love that blossoms between them creates the foundation for their family to thrive on for generations.

CAVERSAHM'S BRIDE, Book One ~ Desperation brings together Ren and Lia, two strong-willed lovers who will both have to learn to compromise if there is to be any hope for a future for them. Once love conquers their stubbornness there is no limit to the depth of passion they share.

ALREADY HIS, Book Two ~ Honor and trust are lessons that are not easily come by when they pertain to Elise and Michael, lovers who are both too proud to give quarter. But even the mighty fall when love finally brings them together. Once they realize they were both wrong about the other and they are free to love each other, they become the people they were meant to be all along.

LOVING SARAH, Book Three ~ Impulsive and adventurous Sarah never intended to turn her handsome captain’s life upside down by landing aboard his boat. Ian was running from his destiny while hiding aboard his ship and sailing the world. But when they are forced to marry to save their reputations, they both have to grow into their new roles as husband and wife, becoming the family they were always meant to be.

LUCKY'S LADY, Book Four ~ Lies, deception, forgiveness, and redemption. Encouraged by her dying husband to seek a sire for the child she desires, Mary-Michael decides who better to use for her purposes than Lucky, the captain who will leave once his business with her husband’s shipyard is through. But neither of them counted on their instant passion leading to love.

Plus a special bonus transitional short story, WHAT THE FATES DECREE, introducing the next generation. Look for the first book in the new sub-series, The Titans of the Revolution, where the children of The Caversham Chronicles navigate their way in the changing world of Victorian England.

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