New Releases!

That’s right, plural. As in more than one.

Over the past year, I have been working with a fabulous Italian translator, F. Rossi, to translate my series into Italian. I chose Italian as the first language to translate to, as it was the first language I understood. My parents were both Italian, and growing up with the values that we do as children of immigrants, led me to create characters and plots that I believe reflect that upbringing. It’s an upbringing that many people will understand. Resilience, perseverance, love of family, faith in God… These are all things I learned early, and they are traits that have served me well in life.

So, during the past month, I have released two titles in Italian. They are the fourth book in The Caversham Chronicles (Le Cronache di Caversham,) Loving Sarah (L’amore di Sarah,) and the first book in a new series (well, the prequel to set up the series,) Il dono di San Valentino, (The Valentine Gift.) This story starts the Seven Grooms for Seven Sisters series (Sette sposi per sette sorelle). And I will be releasing the next one hopefully around Christmas. I’m still writing FATED LOVE, the first full novel in the Titans of the Revolution, and because I chose to take on such a big story it’s taking me a little longer than usual to finish. I hope to have that out this summer some time.

I’ve also released that prequel novella in a special Valentine boxed set that is available now everywhere. The Valentine Gift is the story of Lady Caroline Randolph and Captain Wilson from Already His. Near the end of Already His you learn that they are betrothed. Well, they get married you see, and well, you just have to read it. So you know they take on seven sisters, because that’s the title of the new series, but I’m not telling you anything else.

And, I wanted to leave you today with a pic of me and one of my favorite men in the whole world. I lost him today to (what we believe is) a cancerous liver. We’ll know more after we get the liver biopsy report. I loved this horse so much. He was proud, tolerant, stoic, and always a gentleman. Except when he wasn’t, which usually was not with me! I will miss him terribly. Rest in peace my Blue Man.






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