Happy Pumpkin Spice season, and…

Happy Indie Author Day!

If you didn’t already know this, I am an Indie author. Writing is how I support my animal habit. 😉
Being the sole person responsible for writing my books, editing, packaging, marketing, and customer satisfaction can be very intimidating to some. Then there are others who find the entrepreneurship of being Indie almost a no-brainer and it’s the only way for them. Still others find they like having a foot on both sides of the fence, and relish being hybrid. Personally, I think all three positions are worthy of our respect.

But I am completely Indie. This makes me the only person responsible for my readers’ satisfaction, and sometimes it freezes me with fear. I always wonder if you will enjoy this story I’m writing right now. It’s doesn’t matter which story, it’s every story. In this, I don’t think I’m any different from any other creative person who wants to perform her craft in the hopes that it will strike some kind of chord in his/her reader’s heart.

So look for some exciting news coming soon—barring any delay or animal emergency—about a new release and my plans for 2017!
Sandy 😀

(Romance Author and Dobermommy)


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